Jessa Rhodes, Scott Nails in ‘Brazzers’ Sending Good Vibes

Sending Good Vibes Jul 12, 2022

Scott Nails is looking for a gift for his girlfriend to spice up their long-distance sex life, and Jessa Rhodes’ business has just the solution! No fancy technology, no cliché gifts. Just good energy and the right mindset! Jessa has a special selection of dildos that possess a powerful ability: if you focus and channel yourself into these pieces of crystal and glass, the other paired object experiences the same energy. Scott’s skeptical but when Jessa demonstrates exactly what she means, stroking and sucking the dildo, she causes Scott to magically feel every ounce of pleasure! Scott can’t believe it, nor can he believe it when Jessa finally wraps her hands, lips and pussy around his cock too!

Trailer : Jessa Rhodes, Scott Nails in ‘Brazzers’ Sending Good Vibes

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